About Me

When I was little I wanted to be a pioneer. I thought I was born in the wrong time. I would make myself long skirts, build myself shanty houses, mud pies, and "bean soup" from things I found around our farm.In college, a girl down the hall had a small sewing machine, I found some cute sheets at the local big box and turned them into a duvet cover and futon cover. I had the cutest dorm room.Well, a few years later in 2009 I was working a job I didn't love and one night I went to a big box and bought a cheap Singer Sewing Machine and made my first quilt. I didn't know how to do anything! I cut it with scissors, I didn't have a plan, I used cheap fabric. But, you know what that quilt is a treasured piece that I still use almost 10 years later.I brought my sewing machine with me in the subsequent years moving from Missouri, to Ohio, to Louisiana, and finally landing in Pennsylvania. When I would move to a new city and didn't know anyone I still had my sewing machine.I learned more and more through blogs and YouTube tutorials, and you know what? Now, I have had quilts hung in quilt shows across the country.I make treasured heirloom quilts for friends and family, and would love to make one for you too! I have some options listed my Etsy shop, but I am open to doing any commission work. Please reach out and we can collaborate on ideas.I look forward to working with you. I can be reached at fussycutting@gmail.com